Remote Workstation Platform

In 2020, home has become the center of life for billions of people, including our employees. For the sake of safety, the company has switched to remote work. This move has limited the spread of coronavirus infection among EmSo employees and allowed them to continue to perform their work duties.

Switching to a remote working format was not difficult because we have been using it for several years. Each employee can now access to all necessary services (including phone services) from home.

The RemoteView desktop application, which we developed together with Schleissheimer, plays a particularly important role. It enables every employee to interact with electronics and software installed at the German site, including testing and debugging vehicle dashboards. In this way, employees always have access to all necessary resources and developments.

These working conditions have helped to ensure that tasks are completed on time and with the required quality. Thanks to the ability to work remotely, EmSo continues to receive orders from its customers.

The situation at Covid-19 is now beginning to improve. We hope that in the near future the full staff will be able to return to our office.