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An environmentally friendly technology – the electromobility

Fine dust and soot particles? In the near future terms like these will no longer be associated with the automotive industry because the electromobility with its renewable energy-based technology is the most important and central building block of a sustainable and climate-friendly transport system.

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The biggest challenge is to realize an environment object recognition in which each of the sensor systems recognize and provide various object properties. If these objects are then processed by several cars and stationary systems, a dynamic situation arises in which the vehicles can move safely – all in real time! It remains always important to comply with security-relevant and time-critical interactions in the highest degree for a guarantee of maximum safety.

These are the basic requirements for fully automated driving of the future because the resulting benefits are obviously: the accident rate could be lowered and annoying traffic jams could be avoided. Of course, all this result in a transformation of the landscape. For example, parking spaces will yield to new green parks because then the fully automated cars will operate like taxis: inform your vehicle and it will be at the desired place at the desired time, otherwise it will be out of town or at home.

Stop dreaming of creating space for the pretty things in life and ensuring road safety at the same time, but actively shape that future!