Nearshoring partner

from Eastern Europe

About the company

In 2013 Embedded Solutions (EmSo) was established in Tula (Russia).

Our project employees are part of an internationally operating team. Together with our international and national cooperation partners, our team counts more than 100 employees. We develop automotive software for companies such as Volkswagen, Daimler, Porsche and Audi. Efficient teamwork is facilitated by remote workstations developed with our help. Data storage takes place 100% on the servers of Schleißheimer GmbH in Germany.

Our main partner is Schleißheimer Soft- und Hardwareentwicklung GmbH. Together, we have proven ourselves well in the automotive industry. In addition, we train employees, as well as students and interns. Currently, the main departments are located in Germany, Belarus and Russia. New offices have also been opened in Georgia and Poland in 2022.

Our Russian office is located in Tula city, less than 200 km south from Moscow, and our team consists of more than 30 experienced software developers. All employees are software engineers or have a comparable technical education, and also speak English.

Our Minks office

Embedded Solutions BLR is a division of Embedded Solutions in Minsk (Republic of Belarus). The company's office is located in the Green City business center (Kamennaya Gorka metro station). Currently, the team of employees consists of more than 20 people and continues to expand.

Embedded Solutions Barnaul is a division of Embedded Solutions in Barnaul (Russian Federation). It is located at the business center “Zolotoe Sechenie” near the major transportation interchange - October square.

Embedded Solutions GEO is a new division of Embedded Solutions in Tbilisi (Georgia). Active recruitment of employees is underway now. The company is looking for software developers and testers.

Our business goal is to be a reliable partner for our customers. We are constantly adapting to the changing requirements of our customers. Our customers can always rely on us.