Nearshoring partner

from Russia and Belarus

The Nearshoring Model

Embedded Solutions Ltd. (EmSo) was founded in Tula (Russia) in 2013 as a nearshoring partner company of Schleißheimer Soft- und Hardwareentwicklung GmbH. Today, EmSo employs 20 people in the areas of embedded software development, software tool development and software testing. The aim of the foundation was to create a competitive advantage through cost reduction and the acquisition of competent software engineers.

Currently, our employees in Tula work together with their German colleagues in mixed teams in numerous embedded software projects. The management of EmSo, the IT support and the project management is carried out from Germany.

All development workstations are set up as remote workstations in Germany and allow flexible access for both German and Russian employees. This eliminates the need to transport development tools to Russia.